• We do not accept any complaints after leaving the cashier desk.
  • VAT claims need to be indicated in advance.
  • Prices are including 27% VAT. 
  • Tax Free claims can not be performed.
  • EUR, or USD payment calculation is based on the daily HUF exchange rate displayed at the cashier.
  • Reserving a product up to 24 hours is free of charge. More than 24 hours - up to 1 week - 30% of the product has to be paid. In case of succesfull purchase the deposite is counted into the price, otherwise the deposite is refunded. If there is no succesfull purchase, the product may be marketed again and the deposite is refunded.
  • Purchases above 50.000,- HUF with credit card payment is accepted with presenting a valid ID.
  • At the event of the purchase, a user guide will be handed over to the customer, in which usage infos can be found to keep, to enjoy the product over a long period of time and to not lose the warranty.
  • Only damaged products can be replaced with valid receipt.
  • In case of buying underwear or socks, there is no possibility to try or exchange the product.
  • Exchange or money refund is not possible for faultless products.
  • In case of complaint, goods can be returned, only with valid receipt. Products are taken back for examination of 5 working days. Accompanied by our recorded report. 
  • Complaints may demand only and exclusively to the place of purchase.
  • Please always ask for assistance to avoid potential damage. In case of product damage it is obliged to pay the purchase price. 
  • Please take care of your valuables. We do not take responsibility for abandoned belongings.
  • Please note, that camera and voice recording system is working in the shop.
  • In the event of a vandalism, theft or attempted theft, our company immediately notifies the local authorities and, in case of a foreign person, the appropriate embassy.

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